Motorsport and Casino collaboration

Motorsport is the best opportunity for everyone who loves speed to prove themselves. New Zealand is a fairly small country with a relatively small population. Therefore, you will not find a large number of New Zealand teams on the world motorsport arena. What does it take to become a professional racer?

  1. Desire;
  2. Car;
  3. Equipment;
  4. Team of auto mechanics;
  5. Sponsors.

We want to draw your attention to point 5, because in order to participate in the competition you need to pay an entrance fee, and equipment, team maintenance and tuning of a racing car - all this requires huge financial costs. This is why sponsors are the most important part of all motorsport. The main sponsor of motorsport in New Zealand is the best real money online casino review portal - iCR, as they constantly invest large sums in the development of racers. We want to thank them for this! And convey this information to all our customers: Every time you spin slots, play roulette or blackjack on gambling portals in New Zealand, selected from the list of iCR, you also contribute to motorsport, about 5% of your bet goes to national team bank account. Buy motor-equipment on our site and gamble on the website of our partners!