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Ap Clutch Slave Cylinder 50.0 Push Type

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The CP6859 series concentric slave cylinder offer a lightweight forged aluminium body and are hydraulically self-contained unit with high temperature seals.
All sealing surfaces are protected by a hard wearing / low friction coating which helps prolong seal life.

- Forged Aluminium Alloy Body.
- Aluminium alloy Piston.
- 18mm or 12mm Max Stroke options.
- CP6859-1238 IN or - 1250 IN suitable for high speed applications.
- Use with PRF660, 600 or other high quality brake fluids.
- Cylinders are supplied with release bearing in a choice of four fulcrum diameters.
- Hydraulic Fitting kits available for -3 or -4 aeroquip:
 - 7/16" (Aluminium adaptor) for - 4 aeroquip - CP3759-6
 - 3/8" (Steel adaptor) for -3 aeroquip - CP3759-5
 - Fittings to be tightened to 28Nm (21ft/lb)

Available Part Numbers:-
For Standard Bearing Configuration (18mm Stroke)
- Bearing housed on the piston via the outer race. The inner race rotates. Suitable for high speed applications.

- CP6859-38 = Ø38mm Fulcrum - INDENT
- CP6859-45-IN = Ø45mm Fulcrum - INDENT
- CP6859-50 = Ø50mm Fulcrum. - Stock Line 
- CP6859-54 = Ø54mm Fulcrum - For Outer Rotating Race Bearing Configuration (18mm Stroke)
- Bearing housed on the piston via the inner race with the outer race rotating.
 - CP6859-45 = Ø45mm Fulcrum.

Flat Faced bearing - Bearing housed is housed on the piston via the outer race. The inner race rotates. Suitable for high speed applications. - CP6859-14 = Flat Fulcrum - (High Speed)