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Helmets & Accessories

Helmets & Accessories

Here at Neil Allport Motorsports Ltd we are New Zealands Official New Zealand Distributor for Stilo Helmets throughout New Zealand. We have a fantastic Dealer network. Please refer to our dealer list here to find out nearest dealer - https://www.allports.nz/page/10/stilo  

Motorsport helmets are an absolute requirement for all levels of motor racing. Even small impacts to the head can have serious consequences. You only have one head, so you need to protect it! Here at Neil Allport Motorsports we stock the most comprehensive range of automotive helmets certified for all disciplines of motorsport, from track days to formula drift.

Different forms of automotive racing require helmets with different features. Open top cars require the driver to wear a full face helmet and in disciplines such as F1 where weight saving is a top priority, carbon fibre helmets might be used. In contrast a rally driver and navigator would be better suited with an open face helmet featuring a built in communication system. Whatever form of motorsport you compete in, we have a helmet to suit your needs.